Biscoff Biscuit Cookie Truffles

Easy no-bake cookie truffles with Lotus Biscoff biscuits and cream cheese that are dunked in melted chocolate for deliciously decadent soft bites. You may double or triple the recipe to make a large batch.
Biscoff Biscuit Cookie Truffles

These  Biscoff Cookie Truffles are the cutest two-bite size treat that you can make for any occasion. Made using just a few ingredients, are no-bake and are so easy to make a batch to serve for any fun event or festivals, or just for a sweet treat! 

Ever since we got introduced to Lotus biscoff biscuits on our flight from Yanbu to Khobar back in 2016, we are hooked. I personally prefer the spread but F enjoys the cookies. Both the biscuits and spread are so easy to turn into desserts like ice cream, cakes, and truffles. 2018 was the year I made a lot of biscoff truffles and mostly used the cookies. I think we had too much biscoff that we lost interest and stopped replenishing after a point until my mom came to stay with us for a few weeks in November 2020. I had to pick both the spread and the cookies for her to taste because this is not easily available back home. I don't think she enjoyed it much so the biscuits were mostly untouched. I hid from F until last week when he was hunting for a snack. "No, don't touch that biscoff pack. I want them to make truffles." And so here I am with the latest batch of biscoff truffles and the recipe. :-) finally. 

Biscoff Biscuit Cookie Truffles

Ingredients for Biscoff Biscuit Cookie Truffles

  1. lotus biscoff biscuits: These biscuits or cookies are sweet enough on their own so the sugar used is minimal. You may use any other cookies you have and adjust the sugar. For this recipe, I have used only 20 biscoff cookies.
  2. cream cheese: I have used the solid cream cheese squares not the spread. Unwrap and bring them to room temperature before you use them. You will have to let it sit on the counter for at least 30 minutes or until it is no longer hard.  I have used 5 squares of al marai cream cheese squares. Not the triangles or canned cheese or cheese spread.
  3. semi-sweet baking chocolate: This is for dipping and coating the truffles. You may use any kind of baking chocolate or dark chocolate or white chocolate or milk chocolate or more chocolate chips or candy melts. Just make sure they are good quality chocolate. Adding a tiny amount of vegetable oil or coconut oil or shortening while melting the chocolate will help in dipping the truffles easily. I learnt this tip recently so my previous attempts were tasty to eat but a bit messy to make. But a dash of oil or shortening makes it a breeze and I am glad to share the recipe now. 
  4. Optional: I have used almond flour and even nuts previously and it lends a slightly cakey texture to the truffles. 
  5. For Garnishing: I would have preferred to melt some biscoff spread and pipe them over the truffles but I chose the easier option of just sprinkling more lotus biscoff cookie crumbs and some granulated brown sugar. But this is your canvas and you can do whatever your heart desires! -but quickly. :-)
Biscoff Biscuit Cookie Truffles

How to make Biscoff Cookie Truffles:

Don't get intimidated by the text content here. This is for beginners so I have included tips that will help you make it without any hiccups. The only hard part of making truffles is melting chocolate and dipping the truffles. Melting chocolate is not everyone's cup of tea and I kinda don't enjoy it either. 
  • Blend: Crush the cookies using a mixie or food processor. I crushed using the mixie (processor) and then emptied it, wiped it clean before whisking the cream cheese and sugar in the same jar. This way you have just one thing to wash. You may use a zip lock bag and rolling pin to crush the cookies but why?
  • Roll: Scoop out the biscoff cookie mixture with a measuring tablespoon and roll it into balls. You may chill the mixture before making rolling if you find it too sticky. Place the rolled truffles on a baking paper-lined tray and chill or freeze until firm. This not only helps the truffle hold its shape but also helps the chocolate adhere and set quicker. 
  • Dip: Choose good quality melting chocolate and use the bain-marie method to melt the chocolate so there is less chance of burning the chocolate. If you know your microwave machine well then use it to melt the chocolate but I always prefer the double-boiler method for best quality retention. Once the chocolate is melted, work quickly to dip each truffle using a dipping tool or a fork large enough to hold the balls. Add the garnish items like sprinkles, sanding sugar or cookie crumbs immediately after dipping so that it sticks to the chocolate coating before it sets. 
  • Clean: After the truffles are fully set, I break off the excess chocolate drips around the base of the truffles to give them a neat look. You don't have to discard them. 
Biscoff Biscuit Cookie Truffles

How do I dip the truffles in chocolate?

I don't use any fancy tools. I melt the chocolate in a small deep bowl so that there is depth to dunk the truffles. Drop the truffle into the melted chocolate and use a fork carefully to swirl the chocolate all around it. Pick up the truffle with a fork and tap the fork on the edge of the bowl to allow the excess chocolate to drip off. Use a rubber spatula to transfer the coated truffle onto the baking paper-lined tray. The rubber spatula will clean the fork in the process of transferring making it easy for you to work on the next without any damage to the truffles. You will have to work fast or keep melting the chocolate to be able to dip. 

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What do you eat Biscoff cookies with? 
We have always had it with tea or coffee. For a double biscoff treat, scoop some spread onto the cookie and have it as a quick dessert option on those sweet craving nights. 

What does biscoff taste like? caramelized cookies.

Are biscoff cookies healthy? Nope. Like all sweet stuff, moderation is the key.

Biscoff Biscuit Cookie Truffles

No-Bake Biscoff Cookie / Biscuit Truffles 


For the truffles:
  • 150gms lotus biscoff biscuits (approx 20 cookies)
  • 2 tablespoon icing sugar (powdered)
  • 90gms cream cheese softened (4 to 5 squares of al marai cream cheese)
  • 1/4 cup almond flour (optional)
For coating:
  • 100gms semi-sweet baking chocolate or chocolate chips
  • 1 teaspoon vegetable oil or shortening 
For Garnishing:
  • lotus biscoff cookie, powdered
  • sanding sugar or granulated brown sugar or your choice of sprinkles!


  1. Add the cookies to a food processor or a mixie and pulse until fine crumbs. Transfer to a bowl and keep aside. 
  2. Next, add the softened cream cheese and sugar into the processor along with a tablespoon of crushed cookies and process until cream cheese is smooth. 
  3. Add the remaining cookie crumbs and almond flour if using and pulse a few times until everything comes together. Transfer the mixture into a bowl and you may refrigerate for 10 to 15 minutes or start making the balls right away.
  4. Scoop out about 1 or 2 tablespoons of the mixture for each truffle and roll between your palms to a neat ball shape. Place the rolled balls on a tray lined with baking/parchment paper and chill for 15 minutes. I made 10 truffles for two-bite treats. You can make smaller size truffles for more numbers. 
  5. Melt chocolate over a double boiler along with oil and whisk to smooth texture.
  6. Dip the chilled truffles and then place them back on the same tray on the parchment paper. Immediately sprinkle with your choice of sprinkles, crushed cookies and some granulated brown sugar.
  7. Chill until the chocolate sets for an hour or so and serve only close to serving time.
  8. Store any leftovers in the fridge in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks but I bet it won't last that long! You will finish them in two days! You may freeze them in a tray until hardened and store them in a bag or box and freeze them for up to 2 months. 
Biscoff Biscuit Cookie Truffles

It is 2021 and we are in our late 30s so it is only a natural tendency to make informed choices about what goes into our food. Biscoff is definitely a "treat" and I have switched to natural peanut butter. meh. But then I realized that a spoon of biscoff is a far better "dessert post-dinner" option than a zomato delivered Cheesecake factory or Krispy Kreme. Therefore a jar of biscoff found its way into my current pantry. 😛

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