Korean Street Toast | Gilgeori Toast

Korean street toast recipe has cabbage and carrot filled egg omelette sandwiched with butter toasted bread with a generous spread of sugar, mayo and ketchup. Sounds simple but you will be surprised how delicious it is... I have not been able to stop making them. You must have noticed on my Insta stories! 😁
Korean Street Toast (Gilgeori Toast)

If you ever tried making Korean street toast and wasn't too happy because you couldn't keep the egg-veg mixture in the shape or had a hard time trying to stop the "liquid" from running out of the cabbage... you should read this post where I have tried to explain how to your Korean street toast game better. 

But before the recipe comes, a little about how I became a fan of KST. :-) I first came across this Gilgeori toast which is Korean for “street toast” on my YouTube feed. I think it was Chef John's video but as soon as I watched it, I went to my favourite Korean YouTuber, Maangchi and watched her version. My friend, Z introduced me to this channel after I raved about the Korean food we had from a restaurant here. I wanted to recreate Bulgogi which we both loved! But my YouTube feed threw this street toast suggestion which I had to make and have been making every other day since August 2021! I am obsessed! 

You won't find many East Asian recipes on my blog because I don't make them often either. But when the craving hits, we dine or take away. I believe the charm of eating Asian food is not complete without a takeaway. Don't you agree? Also, jfyi, I am not into K-pop or K-drama as much as F is. The only series I ended up watching with him was the Squid game. So, not so crazy to cook up every dish they eat. 😛

As the name suggests, Korean Street Toast is a popular sandwich sold by street-food vendors in Korea. Though this is a go-grab and eat food, you can easily make it at home for breakfast or brunch or even as early dinner! A classic Korean Street Toast recipe is made primarily with cabbage, carrot and egg and uses white bread slices with lots of mayo and ketchup. Recent variations include cold cut meats and other condiments and not to forget the zero-calorie sugar. 

Ingredients for Korean street toast

Ingredients for Korean street toast

  • Cabbage: Use any kind of cabbage but make sure to use only the thin leafy part and discard the thick stalk part.
  • Carrot: a half would be more than enough for this batch. 
  • Onion: I like to use both red onion and spring onion. You can use any one or both. 
  • Eggs: of course!
  • Chillies: though this is not traditionally used, I like the green chilli flavour than red chilli flakes. But feel free to skip this. 
  • Butter: I am not afraid to use butter so never really measured it. Just rub a bar or butter as and when required for toasting the bread and cooking the egg-veg mix. Don't be scant, the butter adds richness to this humble toast. 
  • Bread slices: Our personal favourite is plain white bread! But you can use any sliced bread of your choice. 
  • Sugar: Like butter, don't be shy about using sugar or alternatives. I have tried both with sugar and stevia and loved it. 
  • Ketchup: as much as you like. Use a squeeze bottle for ease. 
  • Mayonnaise: as much as you like. Use a squeeze bottle for ease. 
Open-faced Korean Street Toast (Gilgeori Toast)
That time when I had more egg-veg patty than bread slices - Open-Faced Korean Street Toast! 

How to make Korean gilgeori toast?

It may seem easy but if you don't follow the instructions, you will have a hard time getting the egg and veg mix to shape up. The secret lies in the way you chop the veggies and the type of spatula you use to turn. 

Chiffonade or shred the cabbage into long strands. Do not chop into tiny pieces, we want long thin strands. Weigh after chopping to be accurate if you are making this sandwich for the first time. Carrots, red and or green onion should be much lesser than cabbage. I don't always have spring onion so I have tried with parsley or coriander leaves too. 

If you are planning to eyeball the quantity, then start with just one egg. You may be tempted to add more eggs but that will make the patty softer and hard to shape. The idea is to have a crunch in every bite. Add the eggs and lightly whisk and pour in portions enough or a single sandwich. 

Adding a pinch of salt and giving it a good mix using hands will help the veggies to start sweating and soften a bit. Do this before you add the chillies and eggs. 

You may start toasting the bread slices on a different pan while you make the egg-veg patty on another. Either ways, make sure you have your bread slices toasted before the egg-veg is done so you can assemble immediately. Also, note that going forward in this post I have not been able to make up my mind on what to call the Egg-Veg thing - is it an omelette or a patty?

When I made this toast for the first time, I toasted one slice of bread beside the egg-veg mix to get an idea to shape the patty. 

Use a wide thin-edged spatula to shape into square or rectangle depending on your bread slice shape. The wide spatula will also help in turning the egg-veg patty omelette without breaking it.  

Place the warm omelette patty (what should I even call this thing!) over the toasted slice, sprinkle generous sugar and squeeze lots of mayo and ketchup. You may add some mustard too but I didn't like that. 

Korean Street Toast (Gilgeori Toast)

I thought of a shortcut and tried making one big patty in a deep skillet. You know, why have the hassle of shaping and all. It was not the same, trust me! I went back to making per sandwich. 😂 

Korean Street Toast | Gilgeori Toast Recipe 


The weight measurements are after chopping.

For the egg mixture: 

  • 250g thinly sliced cabbage leaves (chiffonade) 
  • 50g thinly cut carrot (julienned) 
  • 1 small red onion, sliced thinly
  • 2 spring onion, chopped
  • Freshly ground black pepper to taste
  • 2 large or medium eggs
  • 2 green chillies, chopped finely (optional)
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • approx. 2 tablespoons butter 

For the toast:

  • 6 to 8 bread slices
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons butter to toast
  • 1 teaspoon sugar for each sandwich
  • ketchup
  • mayonnaise 
  • 1 cheese slice for each sandwich (optional)
  • luncheon meats aka cold cut meats (optional)


  1. Prepare the egg-veg mixture: Combine the prepped cabbage, carrot, onion, spring onion, and salt in a large bowl. Squish and mix the veggies with your hands to soften them. Next, add in the eggs, green chillies or chilli flakes and season with salt and pepper. Use a fork to mix everything just to combine. Don't have to over whisk. 
  2. Toast the bread slices: Heat a skillet over low-medium heat. Rub a stick of butter generously to grease the pan evenly. Add the bread slices and toss to make sure both sides are well buttered. Toast the bread slices until both sides are golden brown and a little crispy. Rub more butter as required to toast the bread evenly. Remove the toasted slices to a plate. 
  3. Cook and shape the egg-veg omelette: Wipe any bread crumbs off the pan and once again grease with butter by rubbing the butter all over the pan. Depending on the size of your bread slice, pour enough of the egg mixture and shape it roughly into the size of your toast. The patty should be at least an inch thick. Use the edge of a spatula to keep pushing back the runny egg while simultaneously giving the omelette a shape. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes until it firms and holds the shape. Once the cabbage-egg mix becomes firm, flip and cook the opposite side for another 2 to 3 minutes with more butter if required. Cook until both sides of the egg-veg omelette is golden brown and crispy. You may place a bread slice on the pan as a guide to shape the egg mixture.  
  4. Assemble the Korean street toast: Place the toasted bread slices on the board or a large plate. If you want to add cheese, add them before you place the shaped omelette. Place the warm cabbage patties on the toasted bread slice. The warmth is enough to melt the cheese. Sprinkle sugar generously all over the patty and then squeeze lots of ketchup and mayonnaise over the sugar. Place another toasted bread slice to make it a sandwich. Serve immediately. 
My latest was Korean Street Toast on a Potato bun! 

Korean Street Toast (Gilgeori Toast) on Potato Bun

If you are adventurous, then do try my Meat Momos

Write to me, if you tried this recipe or have questions. Thank you.