Most Popular Recipes 2021

As we wrap up 2021, let me share with you the 10 most popular recipes on But First Chai since the start of this blog. 
Most Popular Recipes 2021
I would say 2021 has been kind of a steady year for the blog with fabulous 43 recipes, though I aimed to publish 48 recipes this year. I honestly lost the mojo right around the end of November, in time for the holiday baking. I want to believe it was a good thing saving us from calories of sweet stuff but that is not true. We ate guilt-free. Last few weeks I opted to spend more time with my boys (the fluffs included) on the couch without my work laptop.

Let's dive into the 10 recipes that have received a lot of love!
This was indeed a surprise! I wasn't really expecting so much love for this recipe but clearly, I was wrong. You guys loved the idea of using ripe plantain instead of banana because we mallus always have plantains! If you are interested in a muffin version, I do have a Nenthrapazham muffin recipe too

Originally published in 2016, this Emirati stew still reigns! 
Another hit recipe technique is to bake samosas so that we can cover our face with plenty of samosas, especially during Ramadan. hehehe. 

A bit of work but always flavour packed! I don't make this often but if you plan to make Neypathal, then this curry is the best! 

malabar chicken curry
Though this recipe was at #3 last year, I am glad to see it still in the top 10 list. A gravy with Laban for the tang!
This is the first time my chai recipe has been made to the Top 10. The best part of this recipe is that even those who already have a go-to chai recipe switched to my recipe. So, you have to try it to know it!
chai for two
I am proud of this Daoud Basha recipe because it has been on the top list since the time I published it in 2019. This year I shared a chicken version of this recipe for those who don't consume red meat. I called it Dawood Basha but is essentially the same recipe with chicken meatballs. 

daoud basha

#3 Cream Kunafa

What is not to love? Everyone loves Kunafa! 

Another recipe that I am super proud of is this biryani! With a bit of prep the previous night, your Friday can be so relaxed while the oven does the work for you! 
kacchi mutton biryani

#1 Yemeni Chicken Mandi Recipe | Baked Smoky Chicken & Rice

Once again #1! I am glad this is still at the top but I am a bit bummed that none of my 2021 published posts made it to the top 10. Hopefully next year!
chicken mandi

Thank you so much for baking and cooking my recipes. It truly means the world to me! I hope you will continue to tag and share your recreations! Have a wonderful, healthy, fulfilling 2022! Do let me know What was YOUR favourite recipe? Have you made any of the most popular recipes listed here? Let me know in the comments below – I would love to hear from you!

Happy New Year, friends! My best to you and yours.