Meet Famidha

Meet Famidha and her Mr F

I’m so happy you’re here. I really don't enjoy writing an "about me" page but there should be one so that you know a little about me. I’m Famidha, a stay-at-home wife, homemaker, self-taught cook, food blogger, iPhone food photographer, and two times foster mom for rescued cats and everything behind But First, Chai!

I like food. I like it a lot. I like it so much that I have decided to write about it, photograph it and share it with you (mostly on Instagram these days). An Indian; born to Kerala Malabar parents, raised and educated in Coimbatore and worked in Bangalore and then decided to quit and joined my life partner, Mr F in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia :-)

My 20s' was spent in the corporate world away from my folks and weirdly, I loved coming back to the kitchen and make dinner for two (me and my flatmate). Between my full-time job in Learning Management and early morning veggie shopping from farmers cart and the flour filled counter it became clear that to me cooking was not a chore! 

I moved from Bangalore to Yanbu, Saudi Arabia in 2014 to join my husband Mr F and immediately got inspired by its culture, people and the whole middle-eastern food world. That’s where I started this blog as a journal. If you plan to move to Yanbu, do reach out to me or check these Yanbu related posts, I would love to be helpful. 

In 2019, we moved to Abu Dhabi and I continued the journey to his heart while pampering his tastebuds. I thoroughly enjoy trying new dishes, testing recipes and developing new recipes, and clicking the food plate but I also say "I can't cook today" and the hell won't break loose.  :-D

But First, Chai was previously called My Life in Yanbu and if interested, you can read the old About Me page. 

I am the one behind everything about this blog from testing, writing recipe, photography, occasionally coding with google help and maintaining the blog. F has the role of tasting and sometimes helping me decide on the images to use. :-D 


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Note: All the pictures shared on this blog and the content in it are my own unless clearly stated otherwise. Reproducing in part or whole without my permission is a violation of my intellectual property. If you would like to include my content in something then reach out and I am happy to work with you!

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