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A culinary enthusiast with a passion for recreating recipes, experimenting and sharing my best results with decent enough photography! - that's me, Famidha! 

I have always been a foodie and love everything about food, especially experimenting with the spectrum of cuisines across different culture in-house (India) and outside (International) which currently makes me blog more often. 

My Life in Yanbu was started to share about the typical life of an Indian expat who bid adieu to career, packed a suitcase full of clothes and shoes and hopped on a flight to Yanbu to live with her prince charming! But only to realize that one can get bored to death if one is living alone and is a full-time homemaker! :-) If you are planning to move to Yanbu then you can read some of my posts related to Yanbuhere. I hope to add more...

 Yanbu Sea Port

Within a few months of starting the blog, it dawned that there is nothing much to share about this place and what fascinated me was my experiments with food. That is how the blog slowly turned into a food-centric place which I showcase along with a brief recollection of memories. Though I have a strong Indian background and heritage of Malabar cuisine (North Kerala), you will find more recipes from the Middle East and the likes. Didn’t they teach you to eat local? :-P 

 Baba Ganoush

I am proud to share that my beloved fellow bloggers have bestowed the title "Queen of Parathas" because I have at least 18 flatbread recipes here (and likely to grow more). Along with food, recipes, I also share my travel experiences that are mostly a "Drive". This is solely for my own record-keeping and may not include great information about the place but if you are in Yanbu and looking for a weekend getaway, then do check my Travel posts. 

 Madain Saleh

My inspiration and motivation to cook come from extremely supportive foodie husband who is the Mr. F mentioned in almost all my posts, greatly talented fellow bloggers, craving-for-new-recipes sisters, and all my great friends!

You may not find fancy props or amazing food photographs here but be assured I have put all my heart and passion into what I cook and write. Join me in the journey of cooking with a passion for your loved ones.

Still here? Read on to know how to navigate the blog and some do’s and don’ts (yeah!)

  • The Index page on the top navigation bar has all of the published posts listed under specific categories so feel free to use that to dive into a particular group of recipes that interests you. 

  • You can also click the Search icon in the top right corner and search for whatever you’d like to cook or bake with at the moment, and if you are lucky you will get the list of associated recipes. If not, I will know what to cook next! 

  • Some of my recipes are adapted or inspired from other sources so I am very particular about giving due credit and expect the same in return. 

  • Use my recipes as a guideline because cooking is a very personal thing, so please use your discretion when you add, subtract, and substitute ingredients. 

 Albanian Stew

If you are a culinary enthusiast like me and would love to cook a dish from across the globe, then check my GlobeCookingMad project on this page and join me in the journey! 

You can click any images on this page to read the specific post. 
For any questions or requests for recipe testing etc, you can reach me at famidha@butfirstchai.com

Thank you for being here and I really hope you enjoy the stay!



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